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True Pwr Gives Back & Gives Customers the Opportunity to Join

July 1, 2021

True Pwr has partnered with GivePower to bring electricity and clean water to areas in need at the global scale. For every customer that goes solar through True, the company has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds to fund solar projects worldwide.

Give Power is a US-based 501c(3) that has partnerships with local organizations in a number of developing countries like Nepal, Columbia, and Kenya to install solutions for clean energy and water, all powered by the sun. In an age where an increasing number of corporations want to be more socially and environmentally responsible, it’s great to see firms like Give Power create opportunities that make it so easy to do so.

Chief Marketing Officer, Alexandra Hall, states, “From the very first meetings between partners that led to us deciding to form the company, the entire team at True Power has wanted to incorporate opportunities for the company and employees to give back, both at a local and a global scale. The team at Give Power makes it easy for us to engage our teams and even our customers in the initiative to help developing countries get the power and clean water they need to live better lives.”

Although the company sets aside money for every install, the real activity has been seen at the employee and customer levels. “We figured our partnership with Give Power would really only feel like a big deal to our executive team, since this was one of our passion projects upon launching the company, but we were completely wrong. The employees have definitely seemed to gain a lot of excitement around the idea of giving back too - it was even their idea to start engaging customers in the process. It’s been pretty inspiring to see everyone take pride in knowing the decision to go solar is also helping those in need” — Jon Bolles, President of True.

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