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True Pwr Announces the Successful Merger of Three Growing Solar Firms

TEMECULA, June 21, 2021 - True Pwr LLC, announced the firm's formation through the merger of three solar companies in California and Nevada.

True Pwr comprises three local companies, Voltaic, Emerge Energy Inc., & Finity Smart Homes, along with senior leadership from the industry that have come together towards a common goal - helping homeowners take their power back and protect their energy rates through residential solar.

Upon finalizing the merger, True Pwr instantly ranks among the largest companies in the US. The leadership chose to join forces under the shared values of bringing more honesty and integrity into the industry and helping homeowners find an easier solution for their power versus being at the hands of local utility companies and unprotected rate hikes.

With a combined 33 years of experience, the ownership team is dedicated to providing a level of experience for both employees and customers that is unparalleled in the industry. As people have an ever-increasing list of options to choose from, True Pwr is committed to providing a service that matches their buying habits. “Homeowners want to know they’re being properly educated on their options and that they are truly able to decide what’s best for them when it comes to solar. From sales to customer service to operations, our entire team shares the vision of giving people the service they want, on their terms,” says CEO Brandon Hall on how True has aligned their goals with consumers.

Social responsibility is a top priority for True Pwr, and partnerships are being made at the local and global levels for customers to feel good about their decision to go solar. For every homeowner that chooses to go solar with True, the company gives a donation on their behalf. Our Partners include; local shelters, nonprofit Give Power, and more.

About True Pwr

True Pwr is a residential solar provider specializing in the in-home experience, expanding into installations in 2022. In addition to providing financial and installation options that work best for every homeowner, we offer energy efficiency products to increase the effectiveness of solar. We specialize in providing a top-tier experience for homeowners from sale to install. Learn more at

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